Distributed Video

Imagine having a "movie jukebox system" hidden from sight and stocked with a growing list of your favorite movies. While you are watching the latest action movie in the media room, your spouse can watch an Oscar-winning drama in the study, while the kids enjoy the latest animated feature in the playroom.

Of course, this can be done in vivid high-definition and functions the same for your all your family's differing television interests. With our custom designed Distributed Video systems, your whole family can enjoy television, movies, or sporting events in different parts of your home, simultaneously, all controlled by one system. The days of having a separate cable box or satellite receiver plus a Blu-ray player cluttering each individual room are past. Our custom-designed Distributed Video solutions allow you to watch from any source, anywhere in your home, at any time. Imagine the convenience of beginning a movie in the family room, pressing pause, and resuming the film from the comfort of your bedroom. Furthermore, your Distributed Video system can be integrated with your security surveillance, so you can check on the back yard, front door, or anywhere else from any television in your home. All this is powered by one well-organized system, discreetly hidden in a utility closet so that your home does not become a maze of cables, wires, and electronic gadgets.