Outdoor Living

Imagine enjoying the warm sun on your face and a nice breeze blowing while still enjoying symphonic sound and cinema-quality viewing. All the pleasures that you enjoy inside your home can be brought outdoors.

You've designed a beautiful home with all the features that suit your family's lifestyle. So, why should the fun stop when you go outside? Our award-winning outdoor theaters allow you to experience nature in ways you never imagined. Invite your friends over for a tailgate party in your own backyard and watch the big game on your weatherproof television, specially designed for vivid, crystal clear outdoor viewing. Or maybe you just want to lie in a hammock and listen to relaxing music invisibly playing from within your trees or shrubs. See how our natural-looking "stone speakers" seamlessly integrate with your existing landscaping rocks as you relax by the pool. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget we stand ready to customize the right design for your outdoor lifestyle.