Home Theater

We all know that exciting feeling when the lights dim, a powerful audio system comes to life, and vividly rich colors fill the screen at the multiplex. Now imagine that same feeling combined with the comfort and convenience of your own home. It's always the best seat in the house when it's in your home!

Your custom-designed home theater will also serve as your own personal luxury box during the Superbowl and as your reception hall at your next Oscar party. Most days, however, we assume you just want a cozy, comfortable room where your family can enjoy all your favorite television shows and movies on a brilliant high definition screen. Whatever the occasion, we can design the Home Theater that suits your lifestyle and your tastes. By no means do we suggest you need a NASA cockpit in your living room. Our consultants design elegant rooms decorated in everything from stark, contemporary styles to warm traditional fashions. Your theater seating can be as luxurious as the rest of the furniture in your home, designed from an infinite array of fabrics, patterns, designs, and colors.