Distributed Audio

Imagine a home where your spouse can listen to upbeat, energetic pop tunes when working out in the exercise room, while you simultaneously unwind to Mozart in your bedroom. Our Distributed Audio system is so easy to use the whole family will in no time have all their favorite play lists saved and ready to share.

Enjoy music throughout your entire home. Listen to a bit of morning news while brushing your teeth with the touch of a button. You can do all the above using only a simple touch-screen keypad found in each room, while the components and cables are neatly tucked away and completely hidden from sight. In fact, we can recess the speakers within your walls or ceiling, keeping your home's décor front and center. Whether you’re listening tastes are found on compact discs, traditional and satellite radio, or iPods and mp3's (or all the above), we'll design a system that accommodates the tastes, moods, and differing occasions for the whole family. As with all our services, we can design a fully customized home audio system that's effortless to use and falls within your budget.