Commercial Video

It's all about control. When clients and associates are in your office, you want complete control over what they see and hear... with today's technology we can achieve that control with a universal touch-screen remote. For some businesses, that means distributed video throughout their building's offices effectively  promoting their brand. For others, it means a cinematic experience in the main conference room and some digital signage in the waiting area.

With our custom designed video systems, your business will benefit from video in all areas, all controlled by one central system. The days of separate system components cluttering every work space are long gone. Our custom-designed media servers allow you to watch from any source, anywhere in your business, at any time. Furthermore, your Commercial Video system can be integrated with your security surveillance, so you can monitor your system wherever you are. All this is powered by one well-organized system, discreetly hidden in a utility closet so that your business does not become a maze of cables, wires, and electronic gadgets.
  • Distributed Video gives you control of multiple displays from one remote
  • Our turn-key conference room design gives you the right venue to wow your prospects
  • Digital signage gives you a controlled way to market to your existing customers
Ask us about video screens that disappear into the ceiling and behind one-way mirrors. No matter your video needs, we'll design the system that fits your needs and your budget.