We know technology is a moving target. If you don’t design, you will leave something out… and spend more fixing mistakes. Maybe it’s as simple as running the wrong cable behind the drywall and having to retrofit. Maybe you put it all together and find out your HVAC is scrambling the image on the high end video display.

Audio Visual By Design

Our design roots reach all the way back to building entire radio stations and planning projects for the military, where you have to get it right.

That’s why we have software to model your viewing and listening environment to get it right before we build it.

Owners, architects, engineers and contractors all have different priorities. We aim to bring everyone’s priorities together during the design and planning stages of your project with a thorough, creative, and enjoyable approach.

Let us help you plan for technical plant limitations, grounding issues, space planning, layout, HVAC interference and more.

The best components for your ideal system are not necessarily from the same brand and generation, so be sure to hire a pro to integrate your audio and video gear.