Everything changes… fast. You just can’t support this year’s entertainment gear by running last year’s cables. With constantly changing laws and building regulations, architects, engineers, and contractors have a hard time keeping up with the latest demands of the newest audio and video equipment. Now they don’t have to try.

Audio Visual Consulting – Your Project Start-to-Finish

Whether you are an owner, architect, engineer or contractor, focus on what you know best and let AV Calibrations help you plan your audio video project.

Avoid costly after-the-fact repairs by running the right cables to the right places before you close the walls.

Anticipate the viewing environment and acoustics of your room… before it is even a room!

Call us to help you design the perfect audio video system to satisfy your needs.

Have a challenge with an existing installation? Let us setup audio and video monitoring gear to calibrate your equipment for the best possible immersive experience.