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Don't waste time and money crawling under desks, climbing through drop cielings, or starting over every time you upgrade your system.

Structured Wiring for Business

structured_wiring.jpgBy designing your audio video systems in advance, we prevent wiring bottlenecks and interference problems.

A discreet network operations closet will serve as a "command center" to integrate your telephone, video, and computer wiring in one place.

Cables and switchplates are neatly labeled on both ends, allowing for easy troubleshooting and upgrades in the future. The path of every single cable is considered, in regards to the type of data being carried, the tensile strength of the cable, and possible interference from power lines, HVAC and other low voltage wiring.

Besides keeping you from crawling under desks and other furniture only to wrestle with messy, unorganized cables, this neat, centralized location makes adding to your system easier and less costly.

structured_wiring_hdmi.jpgStructured wiring refers to the way we simplify your electronic components for your business so they can work together and be easily managed.

Structured Wiring is a great example of an overall approach that lowers your costs and boosts your bottom line value, by preventing the wasted effort that comes from of sloppy infrastructure.

Before you approve any bid that can have a long-term impact on your company, make sure you know the contractors neatness policies and specify the way you want the work done... before they do the work!

Call us today at (210) 324-5331 to get your AV in order with Structured Wiring!