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We all know that exciting feeling when the lights dim, a powerful audio system comes to life, and vividly rich colors fill the screen at the multiplex. Now imagine that same feeling combined with the comfort and convenience of your own home. It's always the best seat in the house when it's in your house!

Build Your Dream Home Theater

home_theater.jpgYour custom-designed home theater will also serve as your own personal luxury box during the Superbowl and as your reception hall at your next Oscar party. Most days, however, we assume you just want a cozy, comfortable room where your family can enjoy all of your favorite television shows and movies on a brilliant high definition screen. Whatever the occasion, we can design the home theater that suits your lifestyle and your tastes.

By no means do we suggest you need a NASA cockpit in your living room. Our consultants design elegant rooms decorated in everything from stark, contemporary styles to warm traditional fashions. Your theater seating can be as luxurious as the rest of the furniture in your home, designed from an infinite array of fabrics, patterns, designs, and colors.

(Don't worry, if you really want the NASA look, we can design one of our custom theme-based theaters that would make Steven Spielberg and George Lucas proud!) 

Start With Top-Quality Products & Components

At AV Calibrations, we work to deal with only the best, most reliable products and components available for your home theater.

Kaleidescape__San_Antonio.jpgFor example, we offer Kaleidescape Entertainment Systems for customers seeking a state-of-the-art, user-friendly "DVD Jukebox." If you've never seen a Kaleidescape system in action, you'll be amazed by their elegance, power, and ease of use.

Dive into Surround Sound

Surround sound systems can be integrated within your distributed audio system. However, we realize not everyone wants a dedicated whole house audio system. Please know that we also offer independent surround sound systems in a variety of styles, packages, and configurations.

In-Ceiling, In-Wall, & Hidden Speakers

cieling_surround_speaker.jpgWe offer a variety of speaker applications to fit any decor or lifestyle. This includes speakers that can be neatly placed in walls, ceilings or even fully hidden from view inside walls and ceilings (without sacrificing any audio quality, volume, or clarity).

Acoustical Treatments

With our custom designed acoustical room treatments, we can ensure you make the most of your audio and video investments, while simultaneously adding beauty and flair to your home's décor. We provide an infinite array of gorgeous design solutions to what begins as a technical endeavor. We can compliment any of your existing décor, including identical matches to existing fabrics in your home.

home_theater_seating.jpgCombing any color, shape, or texture of gorgeous woods, metals, or fabrics, our designers will create a space whose beauty is matched only by its technical perfection.

Home Theater Seating & Furniture

We offer a full line of home theater furniture and seating including couches, recliners, and fully custom furniture designs. Today's home theater furniture is offered in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and designs to fit any existing decor and suit your personal lifestyle.

Using years of technical expertise, our audio experts will bring your home theater or media space to life adding color, texture, and accuracy to your home's sound. We can also provide sound isolation allowing you to enjoy all the power and nuance of the latest blockbuster's soundtrack while your loved ones are fast asleep in the neighboring room. As always, we believe in designs customized to your needs and your budget.

Audio Calibration

Most people never enjoy the accuracy and clarity of their speakers as they were designed to be heard. Worse yet, many people don't realize that sometimes their headaches and other subtle mood deficiencies result from the "ear fatigue" caused by improper or absent acoustical designs.

home_theater_video_calibration.jpgVideo Calibration

It's the difference between just watching TV and tumbling into another world.

Movies like Avatar depend on rich black shadows, dazzling reflections, and vibrant colors to draw you into the world of the filmmaker for an immersive experience you'll never forget.

When it comes down to it, no matter how big or expensive your display may be, without calibration... you're just watching a big TV. Read more about video calibration.

Call us today at (210) 324-5331 and get started on the Home Theater of your dreams!