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Imagine pulling in from work, pressing just one button on your garage door remote, and feeling your home quietly spring to life. As your security system disarms, your home will know which family member has entered and will automatically create a pathway of light leading you through the kitchen into your office where you keep your car keys.

Home Automation for Your Lifestyle

home_automation.jpgYour favorite jazz album or radio station will be playing at your preferred volume and your home’s temperature will be just the way you like it.

Your system can be controlled by an astronomical time clock, adjusting your home’s temperature and lighting according to sunrise and sunset times. Home automation is the key to providing your family with the best features of security, convenience, efficiency, and luxury.

We can integrate all of the systems in your home so they work together creating a space that makes life more relaxing, more secure, and more efficient. With a custom designed home automation system, you can make certain your home becomes everything it should be for you and your family.

Your home is the center of your family’s life, after all. It’s the place where you work, play, entertain, and share the most important parts of your life.

Best Quality Products and Components

We offer only the best quality products available today.  Our home automation systems are designed to be rock-solid reliable and incredibly easy to use.

Lighting Control

lutron_lighting_control.jpgLighting does more than just bring out the beauty in your home. Your family’s safety and security can be greatly enhanced with a custom interior and exterior lighting system design. Controlled lighting has the ability to transform your living space into a work of art, highlighting its best features and providing a flattering look for you and your home.

Your walls will no longer be cluttered with multiple switches and gadgets impossible to operate when the lights are off. We’ll replace the array of unsightly switches with one simple unit that is backlit and laser-etched allowing effortless use even in the dark.

We are proud to be a certified Lutron Lighting Control dealer.  Lutron is truly the industry standard for all lighting control applications, offering a wide array of products to for projects of any scope.

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